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Homage is a project dedicated to exploring the landscapes and people that make Canada so robust and beautiful. Through photography & conversation, my mission is to collect stories and visuals that connect and enlighten Canadians, despite the distance we face as cohabitants of this stunning place.

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- Marlee

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia



September 25, 2016

A brief trip to Peggy's Cove drew us away from the bustle of Halifax for a few hours.  It was my turn to drive and our first time experiencing the winding countryside roads. When we arrived at the cove, the wind was as forceful as expected. We drank tea while climbing the rocks. Tiny houses and moss lined the rocky shores. A dozen coach buses arrived and within minutes the gift shop was absolutely filled with people. Never fond of crowds, we quickly chose to find to someplace quieter. We stopped often on our way back to Halifax taking photos from the side of the road, sipping hot chowder, and memorizing the words to Barrett's Privateers.